Photos, Illustrations, and Links Relating to Dale Parson's 2018-2019 Sabbatical Leave Application
    HexAtom planetarium graphics-to-music synthesizer, 2012 - present

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D. Parson and P. Reed, "The Planetarium as a Musical Instrument," Proceedings of the 2012 New Interfaces for Musical Expression Conference, Ann Arbor, MI, May 20 - 23, 2012.

Setting up with students Matt Basta & Jeremy Parson for our second planetarium
recital & seminar in March 2012. This evening was the debut of HexAtom.

Players inject and manipulate abstract atoms whose graphical properties
such as color map to musical properties such as pitch.

Later versions of HexAtom used more elaborate graphical properties
such as a shape library and 3D effects to control musical properties
in greater depth.

Graphical properties such as visual sustain affect musical properties
such as sustain.

Poster from this planetarium event, free & open to the public, March 20 2012: