Photos, Illustrations, and Links Relating to Dale Parson's 2018-2019 Sabbatical Leave Application

Scrabble-to-MIDI music synthesis project from 2009 - 2011

HexAtom planetarium graphics-to-music synthesizer, 2012 - present

Early (2012) work in using direct audio signal - to - graphical waveform visualization.

March 2014 electronic cello-violin-banjo trio with visualization.

2015 Kutztown University Computer Music & Visualization Conference

Two 2016 evening events in the planetarium.

2016 Spatial Music Workshop & Cube Fest @ VA Tech.

Some student images from several of my courses in 2013-2016.

Three images from software I designed for fall 2016 CSC120 Introduction to Creative Graphical Coding.
We used my software to project student software-generated images onto the planetarium dome.
The three images below are from my solutions to the student assignment.

The Heart of the Machine, Dale E. Parson, January 2017

Digital Dovetail, Dale E. Parson, January 2017

Untitled, Dale E. Parson, January 2017

There are some of my recorded music samples & additional images here.